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Equity Experts – What Our Communities are Saying About Us


Your debt collection agency should work with every community to improve relationships between homeowners and the association managers and staff. Equity Experts support both sides of the collection process with professional support and advice to resolve conflict. Continuing relationships are a primary goal.

What Our Communities are Saying

Our clients tell us we are a pleasure to work with, always responding quickly to homeowners showing signs of struggle and preventing financial trouble from escalating. We come highly recommended by long term clients who use our automated software tools to know the status of each account at a glance while keeping the community budget on track.

Each community association is up to date with technology and processes that document all conversations with homeowners and explain the actions taken to resolve past due accounts. No matter the situation, we work through it and educate to reduce the need for legal action.

When upset owners have been referred to collections, we know they often lash out at their management company. Association management appreciates having us step in and diffuse these situations. Equity Experts provide objectivity to keep the conversation on track with facts about the account status and offer options to correct it as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our Client Liaisons and homeowner Recovery Experts advocate on both sides of the collection process to preserve relationships.

When homeowners are in collections, it is more important than ever to ensure that the property management company or board members follow the correct steps from start to finish. Our communities recognize the value of having a set process to follow and a collection partner to limit liability risks.

Equity Experts’ Best Practices for Resolving Debt Collection Issues

Each community association has a Client Liaison, so management never has to discuss any details with the homeowner, only let them know that a Recovery Expert will be contacting them to see how they can help.
We create and follow an automated process of letters, emails, and phone calls to inform, educate, and resolve the issue quickly.

Using our integrated software system, our communities can double-check all communications to the homeowner throughout the process.

Equity Expert goes over relevant information regarding homeowner accounts concerning hardship due to COVID like a lost job, health concerns, or even childcare issues. We ensure proper negotiation and reasonable solutions for everyone.

Community associations are able to provide the services and amenities homeowners expect. Homeowners get the opportunity to keep their account in good standing, avoid legal expenses, and potential foreclosure.

We resolve 98% of past due accounts. It’s no wonder our communities leave positive testimonials and reviews. They count on our years of experience in the collection industry, working hard to ensure everyone is treated fairly.

Equity Experts will always be completely transparent and keep you fully informed. Over the summer of 2020, momentary absences and reductions of federal unemployment began driving delinquencies. People working in certain industries have been hit hard economically. We are morally obligated to be empathetic when people find themselves in unexpected situations.

Contact us to meet budget goals and experience satisfied homeowners who receive support to recover from financial stress.

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