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10 Strange Animal Facts

Strange animal factors from around the kingdom

You may think you know a lot about animals, but did you know that a shrimp has its heart located in its head? There’s a lot to know about the animal kingdom, and some facts jump out as being so bizarre they couldn’t possibly be true, but they are!

To impress your friends, cite a few of these strange facts about animals.

10 Strange Animals Facts You Won’t Believe

Strange Animal Fact #1: Some snails can nap for a long time – as much as three full years!

The next time you decide to catch some quick shut-eye, be grateful you’re not a snail. If you were, you might just end up waking up three years older!

Strange Animal Fact #2: The horn of a rhino is made out of hair.

Technically, it’s made out of keratin, which is the same substance that the rhino’s hair and skin are made of.

Strange Animal Fact #3: In the lifespan of a single cow, over 200,000 glasses of milk can be produced.

Mooove over, chickens and pigs. Cows can produce more than 200 times their weight in milk in their lives.

Strange Animal Fact #4: When bats exit a cave, they instinctively turn left.

This is a phenomenon that is observed within just about all species of bats. At least no one has to stop and get directions!

Strange Animal Fact #5: Kangaroos fart much less frequently than other animals.

Because the digestive enzymes of a kangaroo don’t yield as much methane as other animals, kangaroos pass much less gas.

Strange Animal Fact #6: The eye of a fully grown ostrich is larger than it’s brain.

You’ve heard the saying “my eyes were bigger than my stomach”, but having peepers bigger than your grey matter is a rare occurrence indeed.

Strange Animal Fact #7: Frogs do not have the capability of vomiting.

This is due to the lack of any excretory muscles lining the frog’s digestive system. If an internal ‘housecleaning’ is in order, a frog can just regurgitate its entire stomach. Cute, huh?

Strange Animal Fact #8: giraffes cannot grunt, bark, or make any noise with their mouths.

Why is this? It’s because giraffes are born without vocal cords.

Strange Animal Fact #9: Of all of the ice in Antarctic glaciers, almost 3% of it is composed of penguin urine.

If you’re ever expeditioning in the Antarctic, be sure not to eat the yellow snow!