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3 Signs You Are Too Drunk to Drive

3 signs you are too drunk to drive

A DUI charge will bring your life to a grinding halt. Not only will a DUI charge affect your legal standing, but it could play around with your finances, personal time, job, and even your personal relationships. With all of the issues resulting from a DUI charge, you want to remain as far away from a potential DUI charge as possible.

Unfortunately people still think they are stronger than alcohol. Many people still decide to drive because they’re “just buzzed,” or “only had a few.” People tend to try to bend the rules of DUIs all the time, but it never ends well. You don’t want this line of thinking to steer you straight into the county jail, so let’s look at signs that you (or someone else) is too drunk to drive thanks to Mitch Drantch.

You Are Exhibiting any Overt Signs of Intoxication

Signs of intoxication include double vision, loss of balance, poor judgement, slurred speech, and much more. If you are exhibiting any of these signs of intoxication or other symptoms, you are too drunk to drive and should get nowhere near a steering wheel. Have a friend take you home, take public transportation, or call a cab.

You Have Had More Than 2-3 Alcoholic Drinks

Just 2-3 alcoholic drinks can vastly impair your ability to operate a motor vehicle safely, especially if they’re consumed in succession. This may not seem like a lot of alcohol to some moderate or heavy drinkers but the state trooper does not care about your “awesome tolerance.” If you have had more than 2-3 alcoholic drinks, you should not be driving, even if you don’t “feel” drunk.

You Have Asked Yourself If You are Too Drunk to Drive

If you have ever asked yourself if you are too drunk to drive, you are. If you find yourself asking this question, you should not be driving and should seek an alternate and safer method to get yourself to your next destination.

DUI charges are not meant to be taken lightly. If you want to avoid a DUI your best action is to never drink and drive. If you are showing signs or symptoms of intoxication, have had more than 2-3 alcoholic drinks, or asked yourself if you are “good,” you should not be driving. Never risk harming yourself or others by getting behind the wheel after drinking.